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hello lovelies <3

autumn // 16 // canada
phil lester & patrick stump are literal rays of sunshine


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!! @danisnotonfire got me a Jake hoodie for my birthday :D

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Dan Version

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hi i saw other ppl were drawing fan art of you so i thought i’d give it a try ^_^ idk i hope this isn’t weird but ur a rlly big inspiration for me so yea i hope you like it - submitted by art-and-waterskiing

JORDANA IM !!!!! THIS IS SO PERFECT LITERALLY THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! ;w; <33333333333333333333333

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i’m laughin just when we thought summer was coming


it snows

ugh i’m so tired why did i think staying up until 3am was a good idea when i knew i had to get up at 6


[3/ ] Favourite People 

↳ Patrick Stump


hello 911 yes it’s me again Phil Lester was doing that thing where he exists again

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Fall Out Boy  SWRV 2013. 

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