"my heart did that flippy-over thing"

hello cuties

i'm Autumn, 16 & from Canada
shitty artist with a shitty blog
phil lester & patrick stump ruined my life

|requests are OPEN|

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Anonymous inquired:

have you actually tried baby octopus though they are delicious

i’m a vegetarian, the thought of eating any animal makes me sick haha

so no i have not & i will not

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Phil’s reaction to Dan eating a baby octopus (x)

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Anonymous inquired:

jeez ur promoing a lot of people today

i’m in a generous mood ^w^

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just saying but u guys should follow my best friends new tumblr if u like bands & tattoos n stuff ^w^


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how do u reach such a level of cuteness where people draw you for fun

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18 more followers would be nice, „


"and that is why you always remember the 5th of november." {x}

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Anonymous inquired:

you're beautiful <3

bless ♡

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hair game strong today

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Until your breathing stops, forever.

the only thing you’ll get is this curse on your lips, I hope they taste of me, forever

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Anonymous inquired:

how come u NEVER tell us how many followers u have????!!!!

like i said before, i’m afraid people will judge me idk

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my favorite season is fall (out boy)

mine is (grand theft) autumn

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